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Our goal with this blog is simple: to educate and empower our clients and their loved ones by providing them with the tools and resources to make care easier. We do this by offering posts by experts on home care, transition care, dementia, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and elderly care.

  • 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

    3 New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

    Whether you are just in the beginning of the caregiving journey or have been doing it for some time, it can be especially difficult for caregivers to set New Year’s resolutions. In fact, you’re probably tempted to list being a better caregiver as your top priority!
  • Gratitude For Caregivers

    Gratitude For Caregivers

    Did you know gratitude can help to reduce stress? As corny as this sounds it really can be a great outlet to turn to! Especially for those in the caregiving field.
  • Hello, Halloween!

    Hello, Halloween!

    It’s almost Halloween and Friday the 13th – but not just for the little ones. Older adults can celebrate these holidays just like everyone else! It’s commonplace for those without family to forget about celebrating holidays. That’s where you – their caregiver – come in. With a little bit of planning the elderly can enjoy these spooky days too!
  • Tracking Your Own Self-Care as a Caregiver

    Tracking Your Own Self-Care as a Caregiver

    The paradox of caregiving is that you often know your loved one or client more intimately than you know yourself. You track their every symptom, keep them on-schedule with medication and monitor their sleep. This intense focus is often called for in maintaining the health of your loved one, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your own well-being.
  • How to Celebrate Grandparents Day

    How to Celebrate Grandparents Day

    Do you have a favorite story about how your grandparents influenced your life? Maybe it was getting to help Nana bake her famous cherry pie each summer. Or setting out your vintage train set around the Christmas tree with Grandpa. Perhaps you learned to play bridge alongside your grandparents’ best friends during their weekly card club.
  • Practice Effective Breathing to Counteract Caregiver Stress

    Practice Effective Breathing to Counteract Caregiver Stress

    There’s no doubt that caregiving is a stressful — and often all-encompassing — responsibility. Practicing effective breathing techniques throughout your day can be a game changer in how you deal with that overwhelming stress. Yes, it’s just breathing, but it can have a myriad of benefits, including lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

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