How to Deal with Caregiver Resentment

How to Deal with Caregiver Resentment

According to an AARP report, approximately 43.5 million Americans will provide unpaid care to an adult or child this year. These family caregivers are providing a wide range of services each day, such as food prep, dressing, walking, and personal care to the person in care.

While caregiving can be rewarding, it can also be stressful. That stress can cause depression or exhaustion which may lead to the caregiver feeling resentment.

If you are a caregiver that is starting to experience resentment, here are three tips you can use to overcome that feeling and create a more positive for you and your loved one:

Put yourself first

You know when you’re on a flight and the flight attendant tells you in case of an emergency put your air mask on first before you help others? The same goes for each caregiver. While you want to make sure you address the needs for the person you are caring for, you need to make sure you always help yourself first. Make sure you get the care and rest you need so you can carry out your role the best you can.

Know when to take a break

If you find yourself becoming frustrated and struggling with resentment, it’s never a bad idea to ask another family member or friend to come over and have a visit with your loved one. This allows you to have a short break to go on a walk or have a meal outside that environment. Consider looking into local options like a professional in-home care that can help to support you through this process.

Find support

You don’t have to go it alone. Reaching out to local support groups can be a great safe space. You can share your stories, get feedback and hear the stories of others going through the same situations. If you are unable to find a local support group, you can also find help online through caregiver-online groups or online forums at and The Caregiver Space.

Know you are not alone when it comes to feeling resentment as a caregiver. Take action and you’ll be able to overcome it!

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