The Importance of Documenting Your Family’s History

The Importance of Documenting Your Family’s History

If you haven't already written down your family's history, you should! Some may think it isn't important to keep track of family stories and your memories, but cataloging your family history can be a rewarding and valuable experience.

Makes it easy for others to follow along

You may not realize it as you start to document your family’s history but one day this information could provide use to someone. Even if immediate descendants don’t seem interested in the work you are recording, you never know, down the line, who in your family will be! People who aren’t even related to you (say someone who marries into the family) may take an interest in this work.

Make it easier for you to follow your work

Chances are as you start to write down your family’s history you are working on different family lines. You may start on one, take a break to work on another then come back to it after some time. This will help so you know exactly where you left off and don’t waste time repeating stories/details that you have already spent time researching and recording.

Keeps you from losing things

Luckily, technology has come far and we are able to record our work electronically. This could be through voice recording, word documents or internet-based documents. This will help you to easily locate your sources so you’ll never lose track of them!

Uncover family’s medical history

As you are going through your family’s history, you may discover you have several family members with the same medical ailments. This can help you to keep better track of your health and become more alert to any symptoms you or another family member might start to experience.

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