Tips for Managing Diabetes over the Holidays

Tips for Managing Diabetes over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of festivity and cheer, but diabetes can make them difficult to navigate. After all, it seems that every get-together and party stars one central activity: eating!

It can be difficult to resist all of the different sweets and good foods that everyone has on display from Halloween to Christmas. Luckily, there are a few key ways to manage your sugar intake while still enjoying what the holidays have to offer.

1) Have a buddy

The buddy-system allows you to help keep each other in check. Your buddy doesn’t necessarily have to have diabetes — instead, someone who is watching their weight can help you out, too. Together, you can commiserate over wanting to eat everything, while also helping each other stay on track with each other’s goals. It’s important to have another person check in with you about your habits, as it makes you feel more accountable.

2) Set daily limits

If you can, talk to your doctor about setting a limit for sweets. Depending on your condition, they might be able to give you a realistic amount of sweets you can eat per day or event. Once your doctor sets a limit, it’s important to stick to that limit. You should then choose only the sweets or candies you truly enjoy at each event.

3) Make sure you have enough insulin

If you’re treating with insulin, make sure you have enough on hand. Set reminders on your phone to ensure that you’re taking it on time. Be sure to follow the correct dosage and use it as needed. If your buddy is also diabetic, make sure they are staying on top of their insulin too.

4) Use smaller plates

Using smaller plates can help trick your brain into making you think you’re eating more. That way you can get the same satisfaction from eating at each event as you would consume a large plate of sweets. Portion control can help control diabetes as well.

5) Drink water before events

Water can help you feel more full, which can help limit cravings prior to a party or get-together. Also, water can aid with digestion, keep you hydrated, and make you feel better. Drinking water instead of soda at each event can also minimize your sugar intake.

6) Seek out low-sugar options

Low-sugar candy can still be a tasty treat that doesn’t trigger your body’s insulin problems. Consider asking your host to provide some low sugar alternatives for diabetics.

Navigating diabetes and the holidays can be difficult, but it’s important to take steps to minimize your sugar intake, stay on top of your insulin, and emerge from the holidays healthy.

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