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Comforting Home Care by Phoebe is the region's premier home care provider. As part of Phoebe, we are proud to continue the 100+ year tradition of service to seniors and the disabled in our community. Let us help you maintain your independence in your home.

Struggling with home care needs?

When it's about your family, we take it personally.

We have firsthand experience in dealing with the many challenges and stress you face when it becomes difficult for you, an elderly parent or family member to accomplish basic daily tasks.

Simple chores that were once second nature are now daunting, especially if your loved one lives alone. Your family members want to remain in their homes; you want them to as well, but you just need to find some family-like help you can trust.

At Comforting Home Care by Phoebe, our mission is to help you stay in your home. We do this by removing the focus from aging, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy life, regardless of age or health. Living in place is about living life on your own independent terms. Whether you are recovering from hospitalization or disabled, our dedication to serving your needs will resolve your challenges and reduce your stress, allowing you to focus on whatever brings you joy. We'll even take care of your pets!

We're an approved private home care provider for the Veterans Administration (VA) and other government funded programs. It is our privilege to give back to those in need.

Superior in-home care requires an advanced team of caregivers. Our staff members undergo comprehensive training to ensure your family receives the compassion, care and commitment they deserve.

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Understanding Medicaid in Pennsylvania

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