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We know you have questions about how home health care works. That's why we've answered our most popular questions below. Simply click on the question you're struggling with and the answer will automatically expand.

If you notice that your loved one’s home situation is deteriorating, it may be time for at home care. Has there been a change in personal hygiene? Are laundry and dishes piling up? Any changes in behavior such as confusion, mood swings or increased falls? These are signs that your loved one may need some assistance.

There are a number of home care service options depending on your specific needs. Call us at 610-625-5600 for more information.

Home care is typically a private pay service that involves non-medical care including help with personal hygiene, errands, housekeeping and transportation. Home healthcare services are generally physician ordered and paid for by Medicare or other health insurance. These services include wound care, IV infusion and other medically necessary assistance.

Each Comforting Home Care by Phoebe caregiver is intensely screened with criminal background checks and reference checks before they are selected. All staff are bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Only the most competent and caring individuals are chosen to be a caregiver. Our staff goes through rigorous training to ensure the best possible care to our clients. Learn more about our home caregivers here...

Each client’s care plan is individually prepared to provide the best coverage time and care based on your family’s needs. Comforting Home Care by Phoebe offers hourly, overnight, live-in, and 24- hour at home care, depending on the needs of your family.

In the rare event that a caregiver may be ill or need to take a day off, another caregiver will be provided. Comforting Home Care by Phoebe utilizes an automated telephone system that monitors when caregivers arrive and leave your home. In the event that your caregiver is unavailable, the system automatically notifies us and a replacement caregiver is provided.

Besides offering licensed practical nurses, the best qualified staff, and around the clock care, we use the latest technology to ensure that our clients get the most of each home visit. Clients and their families are able to access the Plan of Care and the care schedule 24/7. This is especially useful to concerned family members living far distances from their loved one. Our telephone system registers your home caregiver's arrival and departure times to ensure that you receive the full care time you scheduled.

Comforting Home Care by Phoebe specializes in the private at home care of Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. Our Caregivers are properly trained to care for each patient and provide support to families. We understand the comfort that familiar surroundings can bring, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is safe. See our Dementia and Alzheimer's page, educational brochures, or visit the Alzheimer's Association.

We select qualified caregivers who understand the needs of MS patients. Caregivers who attend to MS patients take additional precautions to avoid exposing patients to illnesses. Comforting Home Care by Phoebe trains all caregivers in Hoyer Lift use, universal precautions, and offers vaccinations against influenza and other diseases. Visit our MS Information or contact the MS Society for more information.

Comforting Home Care by Phoebe is not just for seniors. We are proud to provide care to disabled individuals regardless of age. Our home caregivers’ extensive Hoyer Lift experience, combined with our nursing supervision, allows us to provide the high level of care required to serve the most challenging cases, including paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Our caregivers help people maintain their quality of life and independence by accompanying them to activities such as shopping, dining out, and visiting friends. If you or a loved one has paraplegia or quadriplegia and require at home assistance, call us today.

These services are often covered under one of the Pennsylvania State Medicare Waiver programs - Independence, Attendant, Act 150, Commcare, or OBRA (aka CSPPPD or CS triple-PD). It is important to remember that you have the final choice in selecting your care provider. Comforting Home Care by Phoebe can manage the transfer of your care at no cost to you.

There are a number "secondary marketing" companies that attempt to market everything from home care to plumbers, mostly over the internet for a profit. Companies like Yellow Book, Care.com, and others are for-profit companies that collect lists of providers and then identify them to consumers. Often times, companies can pay for higher "rankings" from these secondary marketing companies. As a result, for-profit referral companies are not usually your best option for private home care services.

Research your options thoroughly and ask for professional referrals from your doctor, family, and friends. Be aware that many hospitals and facilities will promote their own senior home care services, which may not be the best option for you. Use the 10 Home Care Questions to ensure you are getting the best care.

Comforting Home Care by Phoebe has specially trained staff that services children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide in-home private care and respite care allowing family caregivers to work, vacation, or simply get a break from the stresses of caring for a loved one. Pennsylvania law guarantees you the freedom to choose your care provider, and Comforting Home Care by Phoebe will manage all of the transfer issues at no cost to you. Learn more at The Arc.

Personal care provides most cancer patients the option of recovering at home instead of a hospital or rehabilitation facility. Sometimes a little help, even for just a few weeks, is enough to provide patients and their families with the peace of mind that they need. Personal care can eliminate many of life's mundane concerns and allow you the freedom to focus on fighting cancer.

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