Fitness Tips for Seniors

Fitness Tips for Seniors

May 30th is National Senior Health & Fitness Day! In order to support our quality of life as we age, staying active is very important. However, many seniors face mobility issues and getting regular exercise can become difficult. But don’t fret! It’s possible for seniors to still find ways to stay active.

Start slow

It’s easy to get a little carried away when starting a new exercise routine. Listen to your body and make sure you know what it can and cannot handle before you start. This will help to prevent injuries and burnout that can further affect mobility. Put together a fitness regimen that starts slow and allows your body to get into the swing of things.

Stick to it every day

Commit to working out every day. There are many benefits of doing so, such as increased energy levels, weight control, better quality of sleep, and more. 30 minutes of some form of exercise per day is all you need in order to make a change. Stick to a schedule that works best for you. Many seniors find working out early in the morning is best.


This is a very important part to working out every day. Before you get into your workout, take a few minutes to stretch. Not only will this help with flexibility, it will also help to prevent any injuries.

Three exercises to try

Not knowing where to start? Try these three exercises and see which is best for you:

  1. Light weights: Start with weights that are one or two pounds then gradually increase the weight, being careful to maintain a level your body feels comfortable with. Make sure to mix it up so you hit all major muscles groups.
  2. Water Aerobics: If you’re looking for a great workout that will put less pressure on your joints, water aerobics are the perfect option. Check your local fitness center to find out more about these classes and what they offer.
  3. Yoga: This is a potential way to “slow” the aging process, but yoga is also a great way to manage arthritis pain and reduce anxiety.

Know your body

If you are feeling minor aches when starting a new exercise routine, that’s normal. But if the minor aches turn into sharp pain or joint pain, stop what you are doing. Make sure to speak with your doctor about this as well as they might be able to provide more insight. But at the end of the day remember is it always quality over quantity when it comes to senior exercise.

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