Fun Activities for Seniors in the Summer

Fun Activities for Seniors in the Summer

With summer right around the corner, it’s important that seniors get out and stay active to maintain their health. But, it is also important to remain cautious of dehydration and over-exertion. Here is a list of a few activities that can help keep a senior in shape and their mind sharp during the warmer months.

Daily Walks

While it is important that seniors take walks whenever possible, it is a more feasible task during the summer. The warmer weather allows for more comfortability while being outside and can also enhance or brighten someone’s mood. So if possible, take a longer stroll than usual so there is more time spent outside and more active minutes.

Plan a Picnic

Nothing screams summer quite like a nice outdoor picnic! Make sure to look at the weather and check that there won’t be any sudden showers or too much sun before you enjoy a meal outdoors. Picnics are best on days that have a little bit of shade or clouds because then there won’t be a chance of overheating. It also is pivotal to pick a nice, relaxing spot that allows for a comfortable picnic.

Read a Book or Play a Game

Summertime is the perfect time to do everyday things outside. This means reading or playing a game. Whatever the activity is, try and bring it outdoors (if possible). This way seniors can get some fresh air while enjoying their routine. Just taking a moment to sit outside and read a book or play some cards with friends is a great way to enhance your mood and get some vitamin D.

Take a Swim

Staying fit and healthy can seem like a daunting task, but in the summer months, it’s a little bit easier. One of the best ways for seniors to stay in shape and keep their heart healthy is through swimming. If there is access to a pool, encourage seniors to take a swim to get their blood flowing and heart rate up. This will help them get their exercise for the day and it also is a good mood regulator!

Grow your Garden

Now is the time to beautify the garden. Plant some perennials in the garden and then enjoy them each year as the pop back up, or start an herb or vegetable garden. Having flowers or growing vegetation outside to water and maintain during the summer is a fun way to spend some time outside and watch the benefits of your hard work!

All of these activities are sure to enhance a senior’s summer and bring a smile to their face. While doing all of these activities be sure to bring lots of water and sunblock. This way there will be no possibility of dehydration or sunburn. It is incredibly important to plan ahead before engaging in these excursions and make sure that all necessary things are prepared and planned out before heading to the great outdoors.

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