Importance of Stretching in a Senior's Fitness Routine

Importance of Stretching in a Senior's Fitness Routine

As we get older, getting around and maintaining mobility can get tougher. Our muscles and joints can start to deteriorate and weaken over time. However, by starting up a daily stretching routine, you can start to gain back strength, flexibility and increase circulation. Need more reasons to stretch? Check out more benefits below:

  1. Reduces low back pain and arthritis: Most seniors develop osteoarthritis, which can cause lower back pain. While osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis are a natural part of aging, daily stretching can help to managing the pain and relieve stiffness in affected joints.
  2. Reduces risk of falling: Did you know that one out of three adults will fall every year and 2.5 million will need treatment due to that fall? Research has shown us that stretching helps balance and stability. This is important for seniors and prevents falling.
  3. Improves poor posture: Again, stretching can help with loosen ligaments and muscles to help give you more range in motion. This will help to bring back your back the natural S-curvature in your spine that has been compressed from years of being hunched over a desk.
  4. Increase blood flow and energy levels: Dynamic stretching is a way to use movement to stretch your muscles. Examples of dynamic stretches are arm swings, shoulders circles, lunges, leg swings and half squats. These stretches are a way to increase circulation and blood flow throughout your body as well as energy levels.

It is important for seniors to find time each day to get in regular stretches to manage pain, stiffness, reduce falls, increase energy, etc. The power behind every day stretching is huge! You’ll gain more independence, confidence, and control over your body as you grow older. Who doesn’t want control over their own body?

Besides daily stretching, there are other exercises you can pick up to work into your daily routine that can help as well. These include tai chi, pilates, water therapy, yoga, and walking. Find a something that works best for you and stick to it every day. A body in motion, stays in motion!

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