Senior-Friendly Activities for Mother’s Day

Senior-Friendly Activities for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you should remember that celebrating holidays is good for your health — and for the health of the person you’re taking care of. Luckily, making Mother’s Day fun for seniors doesn’t have to break the bank or involve a lot of strenuous activities.

Here are our recommendations for caregivers to make Mother’s Day an enjoyable experience at any age.

1) Have a Picnic

Spring has sprung, and the fresh air and sunlight can do everyone good. Coolers also make it easy to provide for your senior’s dietary restrictions. A local park can provide plenty of warmth, scents, and sensations to relax everyone. Then, no matter what kind of dish you’re enjoying, you can spread it out on a blanket, or on a lap top table for their wheelchair.

Tip: Make this outing even more fun with a colorful blanket and fancy plastic cutlery.

2) Listen to some Tunes

Music has the ability to relax and soothe. Join your senior in listening to some of their favorite music. You can sing along, or simply sit back and enjoy the music. YouTube is sure to have plenty of their favorite songs and can be easily accessed from a phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Or, if you’re at home, see if they have records or CDs.

3) Play a Board Game or Cards

Keep things light and fun with an easy board game or card game, like Go Fish or Uno. A board game or a card game is an easy way to get people chatting, particularly if you have other relatives visiting who aren’t as actively involved in your senior’s care.

4) Take in a Garden or Museum

If your senior is more mobile and active, they might enjoy a relaxing visit to a botanical garden or art museum. Botanical gardens often have reasonable admission fees, and around Mother’s Day, many of them should be at the height of their bloom. Make sure to stop and smell the flowers.

If a garden isn't an option, a small local art museum is a great way to get an outing in. To engage your senior, try asking open-ended questions about the pieces they like, such as “what do you like about this painting?”

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