COVID-19 Precautions and Actions

COVID-19 Precautions and Actions

Comforting Home Care by Phoebe is working with the CDC, PA Department of Health, and PA Office of Long Term Living to support efforts to reduce the likelihood of the spread of infection of the COVID-19 virus. While there is no way to predict the severity of the impact of COVID-19, we are taking steps to ensure continuity of operations.

It is important for all of us to work together to limit the transmission of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of all clients as well as CHCP employees. Everyone has a role to play in preventing the spread of this virus and it is more important than ever for all of us to remain united.

COVID-19 is spread when an infected individual coughs or exhales droplets of fluid. Most of these fluids fall on objects or nearby surfaces such as tables, chairs, mobile phones, etc. Individuals can become infected by touching these objects and then touching their eyes, mouth, or nose. Similarly, individuals can catch the virus by inhaling droplets of fluid that are exhaled by someone standing within 3’ of an infected individual. In other words, COVID-19 spreads in a manner similar to the flu.

Most individuals infected with COVID-19 will experience mild symptoms and recover. However, individuals over 40 years old, particularly those with weakened immune systems or other health conditions (diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and others) are more vulnerable to serious illness.

According to the CDC, the most effective way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to avoid being exposed to the virus. Preventative actions include the following CDC recommendations:

  1. Regular and thorough handwashing
  2. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose
  3. Avoid close contact with others. Put distance (~3’) between yourself and others. Stay home as much as possible.
  4. Stay home if you are sick (especially if you have any flu-like symptoms)
  5. Practice good respiratory hygiene (using tissues and washing your hands after use)
  6. Wear a facemask if you are sick
  7. Clean and disinfect regularly touched surfaces

Attached are CDC flyers that have been distributed to all clients and CHCP employees. They are intended to be your guide for care AND interaction with family and friends. We suggest that you post this flyer in a noticeable area of your home and reference it before making a decision to have contact with anyone. This includes evaluating your need for care and your decision to have a CHCP Caregiver in your home. Please consider your individual ability to eliminate or reduce the frequency of your care or your ability to rely on your back-up care plan – typically family and friends. Also, it is important for you to maintain an adequate supply of soap, washing facilities, tissues, paper towels, and cleaning supplies for yourself and those in your home.

Similarly, CHCP is continuing to communicate preventive actions to Caregivers with specific emphasis on handwashing, hygiene, and not working if they have any flu-like symptoms. In fact, CHCP is implementing actions to encourage potentially ill employees to not go to work. We expect that these actions will have the temporary effect of reducing the number of Caregivers available and will impact CHCP’s ability to provide care.

CHCP has begun and will continue to prioritize care based on need during this emergency situation. For instance, clients with urgent care needs will be prioritized over clients with lower level, non-medical care needs. You should be prepared for a possible reduction in your home care services and be ready to implement your back-up care plan during this temporary period.

CHCP is committed to providing the best possible care during this time and taking aggressive measures to fight the spread of this virus. In that spirit, CHCP has implemented a policy of financially compensating all of our employees that contract COVID-19. This extraordinary step is intended to demonstrate our commitment to keeping everyone safe during this emergency.

Although we cannot guarantee that these actions will completely eliminate the potential for COVID-19 to spread, it is important for all of us to remain diligent during this time. We appreciate your efforts and understanding as we work together to fight COVID-19.

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Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Courtesy of the CDC
How to Stop the Spread of Germs Courtesy of the CDC

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