Make Driving Safer For Seniors with These 7 Easy Vehicle Customizations

Make Driving Safer For Seniors with These 7 Easy Vehicle Customizations

As you get older, you might start to realize that you are facing some difficulties driving. With all the advancements in technology that come standard in a car now, it not only helps to keep people safer, but it can also help to keep seniors on the road longer. However, unless you have a brand new car loaded with all the features you need, you should implement some simple devices to stay safer on the road, especially since those who are 65 and older are twice as likely to be killed in a car crash compared to younger drivers. AAA recommends the following inexpensive devices for senior drivers so that they can stay safer on the roads and extend the time they can continue to drive:

  • Cushions and seat pads help to alleviate hip and back pain along with improving line of sight.
  • Convex or multifaceted mirrors minimize blind spots on the car, optimize visibility while driving and help limit neck mobility.
  • Pedal extensions allow for drivers to obtain a safe distance in the event of airbag deployment along with optimizing visibility while driving.
  • Steering wheel covers improve the driver’s grip which can help lessen the impact of arthritis.
  • Hand controls allow for the driver to operate vehicle maneuvers and functions without using lower extremities.
  • Seat belt pulls reduce the distance necessary for the seat belt and improve ease of grasping it.
  • Key extenders give drivers leverage for turning keys in locks or ignitions and help to reduce stress on the joints of your fingers.

AAA urges senior drivers to choose the right features that fit their needs along with working with a trained technician to make the adjustments to their vehicle. In addition, vehicle adaptions benefit seniors’ mental health, according to a study that found seniors who stopped driving are more likely to become depressed or move into long-term care facilities. Take advantage of these improvements, so that you can stay safer on the road and drive longer!

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