Gratitude For Caregivers

Gratitude For Caregivers

Did you know gratitude can help to reduce stress? As corny as this sounds it really can be a great outlet to turn to! Especially for those in the caregiving field. If you practice forms of gratitude each day, you can help to lower stress, help you sleep better, improve your relationships and more!

But one thing is first; don’t think that gratitude is about ignoring the negativity around you. No one is suggesting to be a caregiver you must overlook all the pessimism in your job and be grateful no matter what life throws at you. Gratitude is about acknowledging that no matter how bad things may seem, there are still good things in your life to be thankful. You can also find comfort in knowing not everything is downright terrible!

But need a little more convincing on why you should be grateful every day? Here are two more reasons:

  1. Increases optimism: Once you start building a habit of gratitude each day, you can improve your overall being and train your brain to become more of an optimist naturally.
  2. Focus on what you DO have: When you start focusing and worrying about what you don’t have in life, you lose sight of the good that you do have. Start making notes on the positive you have in life like people, events, and things that improve your day-to-day.

Another practice you can pick up to work on your daily gratitude is keeping a journal. Use your gratitude journal to write one thing you are grateful for each day. Some days you may have more things to be grateful for. But the importance of it is to point out one thing each day you are thankful for. You can read through it on days when you are feeling down to remember you of everything you do have in life.

So, whether you are practicing daily mantras out loud or writing them in a journal, finding time to be grateful will help your well-being even when your job is throwing you curveballs. Start trying it out for a couple of weeks and see how you feel!

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