Alzheimer's and the Holidays

The holidays are always a great time to spend time with family and loved ones. However, it can be a challenge for those who family members are living with Alzheimer’s. But with some pre-planning, you can still make the most out of the holidays! Here are some steps to consider when planning for upcoming get-togethers:

  • Check in with your family member living with Alzheimer’s: Make sure before the day comes to check in with them. See how they are feeling and if they need anything beforehand. They may be feeling uncomfortable or stressed about the upcoming get-together. By reassuring them, everything will be okay can help to make it more enjoyable for not only them but everyone in attendance.
  • Make sure everyone who is attending is aware: Not only should you check in with your family member who is living with Alzheimer’s, but make sure everyone else is aware of the situation. Checking in with your family can help, so everyone knows how to react if your family member with Alzheimer’s is experiencing any issues with communication.
  • Get your family member involved in everything they can: While they may be still feeling uncomfortable in this new situation, make sure to include them when you can. Ask them to help with setting the dinner table or getting all the wrapped presents ready for gift giving. This way they still feel involved during the holidays, and you can start building new memories and traditions.
  • Adjust the gift giving: This is a great time to encourage others to bring gifts that are safe and useful for your family member living with Alzheimer’s. It could be anything from comfortable clothes, photo albums, identification bracelet or favorite foods. Also, remember to think of yourself and gifts that can help with relaxation for the self-care you need in helping out your loved one.

Again, the holidays are about spending time with loved ones and creating new memories. While the holidays may not be the same as they once were, you can still make new traditions that carry out throughout the years to come.

Category: Alzheimer's and Dementia

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